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In collaboration with @SamanthaFeher! Proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind this design:

"When my mom first got cancer about 10 years ago, she kept it a secret from me and my little brother. We were too young to truly understand it, and she didn't want to scare us. But when she was diagnosed again about a year ago, we were definitely old enough — and we were definitely scared.

Until a few months ago, my mom had never undergone chemotherapy treatment, so we didn't know much about it; all we knew was that it meant she'd lose her hair. And, of course, that scared us. It even scared my mom, who (although she's the most beautiful woman I know) never really worried about her looks.
But there was something we didn't think about before the treatment: that she'd lose her eyelashes, or that that would be the thing to upset her the most. As the weeks went on, I watched her desperately try to apply mascara to fewer and fewer eyelashes, until they were almost entirely gone. No memory from her entire course of treatment breaks my heart more than that one.
Today, my mom's eyelashes are back, and they're longer and thicker than they were before she started chemotherapy.
This tattoo is a symbol. In part, it represents my mom's eyelashes. But it's also representative of a sunrise — a new hope, another day, and a brighter future. We are so lucky that my mom's tomorrow is brighter than her yesterday, and a portion of the proceeds from this tattoo will be donated to the American Cancer Society, so that more moms can have their own brighter tomorrows."



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