D.I.Y. - Things to get INKED (besides yourself)!


Looking to amp up and customize your sneaks?! A little INKED goes a long way on a pair of white Adidas. Check out our super fun DIY for a totally unique new pair of kicks.

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Polaroid Flair!

Want to add some flair to your Polaroid?! We added INKED to make a personalized and unique camera.

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Stay Hydrated with INKED & Swell!

Want to add some flair to your water bottle?! We INKED up our favorite water bottle brand (we're lookin' at you, Swell!) to make a one-of-a-kind bottle sure to add some excitement to keeping hydrated.

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Cell Phone Wallet!

We took our spin on everyone’s must-have phone accessory! Get ready to go back to school with a little INKED flare this fall!

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Keychain Game on Point ;)

Grab your keys and make awesome INKED keychains!

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